Prepare Your Yard to Sell Fast

It’s never too late to get started on working on your house to get ready to sell. Walking outside around the house helps you see how to start working on the little projects that need to get completed before putting your home on the market. Here are the high points to consider when getting ready.

How to Prepare Your Yard to Sell Your House

I start with this because you would think it’s – well – obvious! But with all the houses I’ve shown to buyers in my career, you’ll find it’s obviously, not so obvious! The best time to start working on your house to sell in the next six to 12 months, its NOW. You’ll need to consider whether you need to week and feed or start from scratch. The greener the better.


Trimming back trees and shrubs is like getting a good haircut! A home inspection will point out any tree limbs that are endangering the house, and bushes/shrubs that are within 12 inches of the sides of your house – so it’s best to get out the clippers and saws and bring the overgrowth under control.


The first thing I’m looking for is the material you have – is it siding, masonry, wood? And is it overgrown with vines, moss or algae? If so, that’s the first thing we’re going to take care of to get it as close to its original look as possible. There’s even paint for siding (vinyl AND aluminum), so that might be a consideration. In some communities, you can even pain the brick — but remember that that’s a definitely one-way decision! No turning back once you turn the sprayer on!

When considering power washing, be sure to work with a reputable, established power washing company – without the appropriate experience, water being blasted into joints, under siding, into the roof, etc., can cause expensive damages in the name of cleaning!


Shaping the beds and filling with fresh mulch is like eye-shadow on a good makeup job. Most homeowners can do this themselves and it’s always good to get some exercise while making your house look great. If you’re not equipped with the greenest thumb in the community, drive around and get some ideas from neighbors whose houses tend to look pretty good in and out of season.

Even in a hot market, buyers who are paying top dollar don’t want to take on all your problems! Ugh! This is a simple, quick video walking around a property to show you the hotspots on hime prep— sidewalks, algae on the house, paint, trimming the trees, preparing the flowerbeds, etc.

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