Rental Properties Make up 1 in 5 Homes in Northern VA

Most homes in Northern VA are owner occupied, but the closer you get to the urban center of Washington DC, the higher the absentee owner to owner occupied ratio. Here’s the nitty gritty on rental homes in Northern Virginia. According to the local tax records, here’s how the rentals stack up. Fairfax County certainly has … Continued

Cash is King? Not so fast…

Once interest rates hit over 5%, we’ve been hearing about how the market has slowed, buyers are pulling back, and deals are falling through. All of that is true – sort of. But the reality is that the market is still hot – it’s just not as intense! As you’ll see in the video here, … Continued

2020 Market in Northern VA Blows Past 2019

When you can put the White House, Congress and the Pentagon in your backyard, you can have a real estate market like Northern Virginia. The number of sales are surpassing 2019 (albeit, they started hitting about June). And prices keep rising at a steady clip. Buyers EXPECT TO COMPETE IN 2020 AND INTO 2021, and … Continued

Creative Holiday Open House Ideas in Springfield

Hosting a get together like an open house can be a pretty intimidating prospect to those of us who aren’t used to entertaining all the time. But having an open house during the holiday season makes it much easier because a lot of the work, especially planning, has already been done for you. Because it’s … Continued